A radical self-publishing project and art exhibition by and for womxn, femmes and gender non-conforming people of color.

How do we process, understand, grieve and heal in times of the unrequited?

Thank You For Nothing takes form in a visual art exhibition and collaborative zine that centers womxn, femmes and gender nonconforming artists of color and their stories on unrequited love, respect, and care. In times of the unrequited, emotions are not always explicit for interpretation; they are complex, often intertwined in the fleeting moments left untold, the apprehensions at being entitled, and the disappointment that accompany the receipt of what seems like ‘nothing.’ It can be felt in the loss of a love that was too distant to begin with, the rejection from a state built on false promises of freedom and equality, the fears of feeling like you’re never enough, and the nostalgic yearning of a place you once called home.

These unmet expectations and unreciprocated facets of vulnerability are often at the premise of many stories, but difficult to name amidst heartbreak and silenced at the hands of perceived weakness. It is here that we reclaim the messy, ambiguous and otherwise defiant parts of ourselves–the parts in which normative standards render too illegible to speak of. In doing so, we bring about moments for collective grieving, healing, and a critical intervention into the white heteropatriarchal logics which plague our most intimate and public relationships, spaces, and things.

Perhaps at the site of nothing, we can witness gratitude for the strength found in our radical vulnerability, our capacity to be patient with ourselves, and to make space for the many shared experiences of the unrequited.


June 2 – July 1, 2018
Saturday, June 2, 4-7:30pm: Opening Reception, Zine Release of Vol. II & Reading
ft. sound set by Sailor Neptune & food by Milktooth Pop-Up Kitchen

Adobe Books Backroom Gallery
3130 24th St, San Francisco, California 94110

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Rewina Beshue, Robin Birdd, Raychelle Duazo, Maya Fuji, Tina Kashiwagi, Chris Mancinas, Grace Rosario Perkins

This exhibition is co-presented with Adobe Books as part of Asian American Women Artists Association’s Emerging Curators Program and funded in part by California Arts Council.


View Volumes I & II here: https://issuu.com/tyfn.zine


TYFN VOL. II, 2018

Contributors: Maya Simone, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, Maiv Fuab Hawj, م ح س ن, Coco Spencer, Michelle Zhu, Dillon Dillonn, mintymich, Douachee Vang, Anoushka Mirchandani, MAYA FUJI, gilb, Kristiana Chan, hằng, Lisa Pradhan, for.the.darling, Shelley Kuang, e.l., Yaya Saladito, Senny Mau, Yvy

TYFN VOL. I, 2016

This first volume presents a collection of essays, poetry, photos and art by womxn, femmes and gender non-binary people of color from across the SF Bay Area and Vancouver, BC.