4orplay (Work in Progress)

The embodiment of 4orplay is where the realms of rage, power and play are forged in an effort to understand expansive notions of desire, intimacy, and femme monstrosity. 4orplay emerges as a genderless shapeshifter and protective vessel that mirrors the energy of Poj Ntxoog--a feminine beast existing in Hmong cosmology--to honor those who have been bounded between the shadows of light and dark as an antithesis to societal binaries. In intertwining sci-fi dystopias, culture-specific mysticism and queer futurity, 4orplay strays from the neoliberal romanticisms of ‘safe space,’ while finding (dis)comfort in surfacing one’s inner demons and worst fears as desire for growth and self-love.

Upcoming Site Installations:

May 31 - June 29: Love, Aswang, Southern Exposure, SF

August 16 - 17: Rebooting the Future: Multimedia & Performance Festival, SOMArts Cultural Center, SF

August 24 - September 15: DE/CODE: Ritual, Futurity and Autoethnographic Practice, The Growlery, SF